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Dr Sohag Saleh

Lead for Admissions, Inclusivity and Outreach
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Sohag is a Principal Teaching Fellow and is the interim Admissions, Outreach, and Inclusivity Lead for the Pears Cumbria School of Medicine. He has a PhD in Cardiovascular Pharmacology from St. George’s University London, with a previous BSc Pharmacology from King’s College London. Sohag also has an MEd in University Learning and Teaching from Imperial College London and has held numerous leadership roles in Imperial College School of Medicine, including Director of Phase 1a MBBS, Director of Pharmacology BSc, Head of Year 2 for Biomedical Sciences and MBBS Phase 1 Digital Development Lead.

Sohag has been involved in all aspects of the student journey during his time at Imperial College London, including admissions, teaching delivery, student support and assessments. He has been the recipient of numerous teaching awards including the President’s award for teaching excellence and four consecutive student-voted personal tutor awards. He was also a finalist for national awards including the Bioscience Teacher of the Year and the Pharmacology Teacher of the Year.

As a researcher, Sohag has a background with multiple publications in ion channel biophysics, electrophysiology and general physiology. He is also building a portfolio in educational research presenting at national and international conferences.