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Dr Andy Childs

Interim Head of Medical Sciences and Assessments
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Dr Andy Childs’ research focuses on the development and function of the gonads, with particular interest in how germ cells and somatic cells within the gonad signal to one another, how these signals are integrated with the gene expression machinery within these cells, and how disruption of these processes can contribute to infertility.

Andy is a Co-Director of the MSc Reproductive and Developmental Biology programme, and leads the ‘Gonads to Gametes’ module of the course, exploring the developmental processes that control the formation and function of the gonads and gametes.

At undergraduate level, Andy is deputy module lead for the Bioregulatory Systems modules in years 1 and 2 of the MBBS undergraduate medical degree course. As module lead from 2020-2023, Andy led the development, delivery and assessment of these modules, which cover the fundamental anatomy, development, function and dysfunction of the major body systems.

In Summer 2023, Andy was appointed as the Interim Lead for Medical Sciences and Assessments for the Pears Cumbria School of Medicine (PCSM), with responsibility for the development of the anatomy, pathophysiology and pharmacology aspects of the curriculum, and oversight of the PCSM assessment strategy.